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Federal Human Resources Management

Federal Human Resources Management Curriculum

Graduate School USA’s Human Resources Management curriculum provides federal HR practitioners, managers, and supervisors the opportunity to develop essential competencies in both general and specialized HR subject matter areas. Many of our courses are designed to help HR practitioners acquire expertise in their occupation, while others are specifically designed to help supervisors and managers understand and manage their HR responsibilities.

As a leading provider of federal HR training, we regularly update our courses to reflect changing regulations and requirements.





Our Courses

This curriculum covers a full range of topics, including:

  • Classification and Position Management  
  • Compensation
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Employee Development
  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Employee Retirement
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Federal Labor Relations 
  • Federal Human Resources Management 
  • Human Resources Processing and Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Personnel Suitability and Security
  • Recruitment, Staffing, and Placement
  • Strategic Human Capital Consulting 

Our three-level Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources provide the conceptual, technical, and procedural knowledge and skills needed by the successful HR practitioner. These courses help build the full complement of skills federal HR practitioners need to perform their jobs with excellence, whether they hold entry-level positions or have years of government experience.

Our Certificate of Accomplishment in Human Resources Processing covers the legal, technical, and procedural knowledge needed by those who work in the HR processing arena.

All of Graduate School USA's Human Resources Management courses are taught by instructors with federal HR experience and focus on the real issues that confront today's practitioners.

Upcoming Federal Human Resources Management Classes

Federal Human Resources Management Classes

Graduate School USA (GSUSA) is the leader in federal human resources management training. Register for our upcoming courses, that are mapped to OPM proficiency levels, and prepare you to meet the HR challenges you face every day.

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Federal Human Resources Management Catalog

Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources

Graduate School USA's Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources are offered at three progressive levels. Consisting of courses that are practical, job-related, and federal-specific, our certificate programs focus on the real issues confronting contemporary HR practitioners.

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The Federal HR Center of Excellence

Federal HR Center of Excellence

Join the conversation with HR peers across the country with Graduate School USA’s Federal HR Center of Excellence®. In this online forum, you can exchange thoughts and ideas with other federal HR practitioners, managers and supervisors, and get content on the latest developments that impact the federal HR community.

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