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Who We Are

Graduate School USA offers workforce training and services across the U.S. and around the world. We are a leading provider of professional development and training courses for the federal government and the private sector, serving organizations and individuals with programs designed to support organizational missions, career and occupational development, and the personal ambitions of adult learners.

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Our History

The first U.S. organization founded with the mission of providing continuing education to federal employees, we opened our doors in October 1921 as the USDA Graduate School. We were established by the Secretary of Agriculture with the express purpose of offering professional development courses for USDA scientists, most of whom had graduate degrees—hence the term “Graduate School.” From the beginning, our focus was on developing individuals and making government more efficient and effective.

In the years after World War I, more organizations began to recognize the value of workforce development and by 1935 School enrollment had expanded beyond the USDA to other agencies. Since then, we have grown to serve an audience that includes state and local governments, the private sector, and individuals in our local community.

Shortly before our 90th anniversary, the School moved from our parent agency to become an independent organization known as Graduate School USA. We also acquired most of the assets of Southeastern University, enhancing our portfolio through the creation of academic and community workforce development programs designed to prepare local residents for fast-growing careers and further professional development.

Today, we are still dedicated to helping government become more efficient and effective, and to supporting working adults as they achieve occupational success and personal growth. Whether we’re helping public sector professionals do their jobs more effectively, or helping members of the community better position themselves to enter the workforce or move ahead in their careers, our mission remains consistent.

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Graduate School USA | Mission & Values

Mission & Vision

Graduate School USA will be recognized as a leader in professional development, empowering adult learners with the tools they need to achieve their personal and professional career goals.

Our innovative approaches and expertise will inspire individuals and organizations to reach new levels of success through programs designed to provoke thinking that produces new ways to enhance their skill sets and to solve workplace issues.

The School’s tailored solutions will transcend physical borders, providing anytime, anywhere learning access.

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Graduate School USA | Deming Award

The W. Edwards Deming Training Award

Graduate School USA presents the W. Edwards Deming Outstanding Training Award, annually, to government organizations that exemplify excellence with an initiative or project that focuses on enhancing quality processes within those organizations. Recipients of the Award demonstrate innovative training through a workforce initiative that has measurably benefited their organizations. Has your team executed a Deming-worthy project?

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