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Graduate School USA’s personal property management curriculum consists of five courses on accountability and management that lead to a Certificate of Accomplishment in Personal Property Management.

This curriculum reviews the entire life cycle of property—from acquisition to storage to utilization to disposal—and the application of relevant policies and regulations. Courses cover the duties of property custodians and the methods for developing an audit trail for personal property as well as providing training in warehousing property (including space utilization, storage location systems, product retrieval and handling, and disposal).

Upcoming Personal Property Management Classes

Personal Property Management Classes

Register for our Personal Property Management courses to learn the personal property life cycle and improve your agency’s personal property operations.

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Personal Property Management Certificate Program

Personal Property Management Certificate Program

Get your Certificate of Accomplishment in Personal Property Management and learn and apply best federal practices for maximizing accountability from receipt and utilization to disposal.

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2022 Comprehensive Training Catalog

With Graduate School USA’s comprehensive training catalog, the tools for success are right at your fingertips. Explore the catalog to find courses in the specific subject areas that can help you achieve your training and professional development goals.

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