Counterintelligence for Information Security Assessment and Protection (AUDT7200)

Counterintelligence for Information Security Assessment and Protection

Counterintelligence for Information Security Assessment and Protection


Gain an introduction to today’s threats (criminals, foreign intelligence services, terrorists, malicious code writers, hackers/hacktivists, and disgruntled employees) to sensitive and classified information, your employees, and your resources. Learn about the multifaceted threat that companies and agencies face today, as well as tactics you can employ to combat it. Clearly understand the multifaceted threat to sensitive and classified information, resources, and personnel. Effectively articulate this threat to employees as part of your security education and training effort.

Who Should Attend?

Auditors, investigators and security professionals responsible for performing risk and control assessment of information, cyber and system security; as well officials who are responsible for monitoring, controlling, preventing, detecting and reporting potential and actual threats over secured and classified information uses, processes and assets.




16.0 CPE's

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the risks and threats associated with counterintelligence and information security
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of counterintelligence security personnel, and those charged with assessing and preventing risks associated with information
  • Identify the potential sources of domestic and foreign threats to information security
  • Explain the levels of information classification and required security
  • Recognize indicators and conditions of internal threats as well as methods used for information theft and exploitation
  • Apply counter measures and controls to increase awareness, prevention, detection and mitigation of threats
  • Develop and apply procedures for reacting to, recording and reporting threats, suspicious activity and actual breaches

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Course Outline

Module 1

  • Counterintelligence

Module 2

  • Who is the Threat and What Do They Want?

Module 3

  • Domestic Terrorism and Domestic Violent Extremist (DVE’s) Groups

Module 4

  • Classified Information and Foreign Travel as a Clearance Holder

Module 5

  • The Cyber Threat and the Criminal/Terrorism Connection

Module 6

  • The Insider Threat

Module 7

  • Tools to Use in Counterintelligence

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