Congressional Operations Workshop

Congressional Operations Workshop (contract)

Congressional Operations Workshop (contract)

Program Schedule: 

2 Days


Supervisors, managers and executives in the federal government who need to both influence congressional decisions and understand the impact that those decisions have on their organizations.


1.2 CEU

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Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive overview of congressional operations, culture and the legislative process. Participants come away with a deeper understanding of Congress as an institution, the committee system, communication with members and staff, business on the Senate and House floors, resolving differences, the budget process and key resources.

  • Explain the leadership and organization of Congress, as well as the political forces that shape legislation
  • Understand how congressional committees and floor procedures affect how a bill becomes a law
  • Discuss the roles of personnel and committee staff
  • Explain how the media, special interests and money influence policy formation
  • Provide helpful resources for tracking congressional activity

Benefits to participants:

  • Better informed about congressional operations as a whole.
  • Learn about congressional rules in both the House and Senate.
  • Have a better understanding of the role lobbyists, trade associations, and the media play in influencing Congress.
  • Learn about the participation of the Executive Branch and Office of Management and Budget in the legislative process.

Benefits to organizations:

  • Have employees who better understand how Congress works.
  • Learn how to prepare for delivering congressional testimony.
  • Gain access to training with proven success for 30 years.

Is this Course for You?

This course is ideal for executives who want a better understanding of the complex workings of Congress, and the roles the various agencies and influencers of congressional actions play.
In order to receive a certificate of completion for Congressional Operations Workshop, learners must attend all days of instruction and complete program requirements.

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