Washington Executive Seminar (EXEC9904L)

Washington Executive Seminar

Washington Executive Seminar (WES)


The Washington Executive Seminars (WES) is a two week or 10 day competency-based leadership development program for high-potential executives at the GS 14-15 levels or equivalent. The program theme is “Leadership in a Political World.” The program objective is to equip leaders with the information, tools, and experience they need to lead in a political environment.

The WES curriculum is focused on the Office of Personnel and Management’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) framework with an emphasis. Training is conducted at the Graduate School campus in downtown, Washington DC. Program components include individual development, experiential learning, and assessment. Learners also complete a team project that is due at the end of the session and may require collaborative work outside of the classroom.


 $ 3,799


6 CEU's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn key aspects of congressional operations and related oversight and effective strategies for working with Congress.
  • Receive practical training on how to work with media and present on camera.
  • Work on a team to review a case study and deliver congressional testimony.
  • Review and refresh personal and professional leadership goals and practical information about the Senior Executive Service (SES) and writing ECQs.
  • Learn about political challenges faced by leaders in the past and how they overcame them.
  • Develop a network of peers to rely on for support.
  • Retain, support and grow talent.
  • Gain insight into what leaders need to know about the political dimension of leadership.
  • Have access to training with proven success for 30 years.

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