Travel Regulations for Non-Defense Agencies, FTR (PCS Only) (FINC7104)

Travel Regulations for Non-Defense Agencies, FTR (PCS Only)

Travel Regulations for Non-Defense Agencies, FTR (PCS Only)


Learn the current rules and regulations for permanent change of station (PCS) travel for civilian employees in non-DoD agencies from expert instructors. Participants will learn the rules for PCS Service Agreements, travel authorizations, use of Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC), per diem allowances, transportation allowances, international travel, en route travel, house hunting trips, temporary quarters subsistence expense, household goods movement, shipment of privately owned vehicle (POV), residential transactions, miscellaneous expense allowance, relocation income tax allowance, temporary change of station and more.

Who Should Attend?

All individuals who are involved with processing or certifying PCS orders, claims for per diem travel, transportation allowances, and certain other allowances and entitlements for civilian employees in non-DoD agencies. It is highly recommended for all approving officers, reviewing officials, supervisors and anyone who will be making a PCS move.

If you need to learn about TDY allowances for civilian employees in non-DoD agencies, please see Travel Regulations for Non-Defense Agencies, FTR (TDY Only)(FINC7213A).




24 CPE's

Class Type:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Comply with current Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) as contained in Title 41 Code of federal Regulations (CFR), chapters 300 through 304
  • Define and describe Service Agreements, travel orders and other requirements for moving civilian personnel performing permanent change of station (PCS) moves
  • Identify and compute allowances and entitlements for civilian personnel who are performing PCS moves
  • Calculate per diem entitlements, reimbursable expenses, allowances for PCS moves, and total PCS reimbursements in all situations
  • Describe and utilize the FTR for the movement of household goods, house hunting trips, mobile home allowances, transporting and storing privately owned vehicles (POVs), and residence transactions, miscellaneous expense allowances and more
  • Assist civilian employees in resolving complex travel problems

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Day one of three

  • Introduction to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel
    • Introduction, Applicability and General Rules
    • Acronyms, Definitions and Websites
  • Service Agreements
  • PCS Overview, Travel Authorizations and Travel Rules
  • En route Travel
  • Per Diem
  • Transportation authorized
  • End of day activities and summary

Day two of three

  • House-Hunting Trips (HHT)
    • Lodging Plus Method
    • Lump Sum Method
  • Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expenses (TQSE)
    • Actual Expense Method
    • Lump Sum Method
    • FTA, TQSA and other Allowances for foreign OCONUS areas
  • Household Goods Movement and Storage
  • Mobile Home Allowances
  • End of day activities and summary

Day three of three

  • Transporting, Shipment and Storage of POVs
  • Residence Transactions and Relocation Services
  • Miscellaneous Expense Allowances (MEA)
  • Relocation Income Tax Allowance (RITA)
  • Temporary Change of Station (TCS)
  • End of course activities and summary

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