Skills for Leading and Managing Audit Projects (AUDT9109)

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Skills for Leading and Managing Audit Projects


Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to be an outstanding leader, one who can influence audit teams to boost productivity and achieve positive results. Learn concepts and techniques for managing audit projects from proposal through reporting and for making the best use of your valuable time. Learn how to communicate with responsible officials and the media; how to evaluate, coach, and motivate team members; and how to manage conflict. On completion of this course, you will possess the leadership and management skills to ensure that your staff produce quality products that meet user needs and do so on time and within budget.

The instructors for this course have been senior audit executives responsible for leading and managing multiple audits and for managing an audit office or division.

Who Should Attend?

Senior auditors responsible for leading and managing audit projects. This course will also benefit those transitioning from a site senior to an audit team leader and manager.




24.0 CPE's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Comprehend the behavioral changes and new skills critical to successfully transition to a leadership role

  • Plan, direct and manage the audit assignments from proposal to reporting

  • Motivate staff to complete assignments successfully

  • Evaluate and select staff for audit assignments, and know how to manage and communicate effectively with them

  • Communicate professionally and effectively with auditees, other government officials, and the media

  • Better manage your scarce and valuable time by determining which specific audits or audit tasks have priority

  • Apply leadership concepts and various techniques that can be used to successfully plan, manage, and communicate audit assignments

  • Develop and initial financial plan for your organization and modify that plan based on actual execution

  • Recommend transfers of funds, reprogramming actions, budget amendments and supplemental funding requests as needed to respond to changing situations

  • Participate in periodic budget execution reviews and year-end closeout activities and report the budget execution results of your organization

  • Manage expired appropriations accounts and participate in account closing

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Module 1: Overview of Audit Mandates and Responsibilities

Module 2: Plan, direct and manage the audit assignments from proposal to reporting

Module 3: Senior Supervisor's Role in the Planning Phase

Module 4: Senior Supervisor's Role in the Field Work Phase

Module 5: Senior Supervisor's Role in the Reporting Phase

Module 6: Senior Supervisor's Communication Responsibilities

Module 7: Time Management

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