Quick Response Auditing (AUDT8011)

Quick Response Auditing

Quick Response Auditing


Urgent questions and concerns require quick audit response while maintaining quality, focusing on user needs, and conforming to the Government Auditing Standards. Determine when it is appropriate and how to offer clients alternatives to classic “full scope” audit coverage, and how to establish an auditor-client relationship conducive to quick delivery of products. Learn how to tailor audit objectives, approaches and products to better meet immediate client needs. Drawing on multiple case studies, learn to write focused objectives with limited scope to facilitate quick field work, timely reporting, and meaningful results to satisfy the client or stakeholder needs.

Who Should Attend?

Experienced auditors, including supervisors, team leaders and managers.




16.0 CPE's

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss why timely receipt of audit results has become increasingly important to those whom government auditors serve
  • Identify appropriate conditions for quick response audits
  • Describe techniques for limiting the number and breadth of audit objectives to facilitate quick audits
  • Identify techniques for limiting audit scope
  • Examine the flexibility in Government Auditing Standards that can be leveraged to foster quick response in audit engagements
  • Discuss the use of non-audit services in delivering prompt information to government auditors' clients

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Module 1: The Mandate for Timeliness

Module 2: Assessing Conditions for Quick Response Audits

Module 3: Framing Objectives for Timely Audit Results

Module 4: Narrowing the Scope to Audit Quickly

Module 5: Quick Response Audits in Accordance With The Yellow Book

Module 6: Reporting the Results Quickly: The Final Hurdle

Module 7: Nonaudit Services: An Alternative Solution to Auditing

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