Personnel Security Adjudication (STAF8215)

Personnel Security Adjudication

Personnel Security Adjudication


Learn to make solid personnel security determinations by applying the Federal Adjudication Guidelines mandated by Executive Order 12968. Understand the fundamentals of the personnel security program, including the history, laws, and regulations; personnel security investigations; the Adjudicative Guidelines; the disqualifying and the mitigating conditions of each guideline; and the process for making personnel security determinations.

Who Should Attend?

Federal government and contractor personnel performing adjudicative functions. Attendees must be U.S. citizens.




1.8 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain and apply the Adjudicative Guidelines
  • Analyze, evaluate, and act on information in the investigative report
  • Follow the process for making a personnel security determination
  • Identify issues requiring further investigation or determination
  • Recognize the required procedures for unfavorable determinations
  • Know what due process is and when to initiate it
  • Adjudicate all investigative files objectively

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  • TAB 1: Course Introduction
    • Course Description
    • Course Learning Outcomes
  • TAB 2: PowerPoints
    • Module 1: Adjudicator Responsibility
    • Module 2: Overall Process
    • Module 3: Decision Standards
    • Module 4: Adjudicative Guidelines
    • Module 5: Case Summaries Module 6: Adjudication Process
  • TAB 3: Exercises
    • Exercise 1: Module 4
    • Exercise 2: Module 4
    • Exercise 3: Module 4
    • Exercise 4: Module 4
    • Exercise 5: Module 5

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