Non-Defense Working Capital Funds (FINC9250)

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Non-Defense Working Capital Funds


Learn the goals, roles and activities of Working Capital Funds (WCF) and how they function in the Federal Government including policies, procedures, concepts and terms. Utilize a revolving fund concept in designing a business-like enterprise to operate within civilian Federal agencies.

Who Should Attend?

Financial Managers, Program Managers and other personnel who need a comprehensive understanding of Working Capital Funds managed within civilian Federal agencies, including policies, procedures, concepts, and terms. Participants should be familiar with budget principles as taught in Introduction to Federal Budgeting (BUDG7001A) and Federal Budgeting for Non-Budgeting Personnel (BUDG7000).




24.0 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze revolving fund financial statements and how they relate to your agency’s fiscal condition
  • Distinguish between direct and indirect costs and various other cost categories
  • Prepare a well-documented cost center budget for your organization
  • Understand the various types of customer orders
  • Implement the objectives of the Rate Stabilization Program and develop rates
  • Manage direct and indirect costs effectively for your organization
  • Learn the goals and financial objectives of Working Capital Funds within your agency
  • Understand the cycle of operations within revolving funds
  • Utilize the methods of cost accounting in a Working Capital Fund
  • Know the budget process for revolving funds in your agency

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Day one of three


· The Legislative and Historical Basis of Working Capital Funds

· The Operating Objectives of a Working Capital Fund

· The Financial Concepts Used in a Working Capital Fund

· Cost Elements of a Working Capital Fund

· Budget Formulation in a Working Capital Fund


Day two of three

· Rate Development in a Working Capital Fund

· Budget Execution

· Project Orders and Economy Act Orders

· Cash Management and Cost Control

· Capital Investment

· Managing Inventory


Day three of three

· Revenue Recognition in a WCF

· Financial Analysis

· Cost Accounting

· Reporting Results

· Creating New Working Capital Funds—Internal and External

· Terminating Working Capital Funds and Their Products

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