Managing for Results (EXEC9913)

Managing for Results

Managing for Results


Today's federal leaders are expected to plan for and measure performance to demonstrate that the agencies and programs they manage are viable and achieving results. Learn strategies to achieve measurable performance gains in your organization. Explore organizational issues affecting performance measurement, the balanced scorecard, accountability, entrepreneurial approaches to improvement and how to manage stakeholder expectations.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals at the GS 13-15 levels, participants in Agency Candidate Development Programs and SES members seeking additional or refresher training.


 $ 1,699.00


1.8 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Map strategic planning goals to organizational results
  • Identify more effective performance measures
  • Identify entrepreneurial approaches for continuous improvement and accomplishing organizational objectives
  • Describe the principles of the balanced scorecard and how they can be applied to your agency
  • Better manage stakeholder expectations

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Day One

Leading for Results

· Learn to Lead People

· Identify how to acquire leadership skills

· Learn to define and create a leadership vision

· Define “Measure Performance”

· Create dashboards

· Create Balanced Scorecards


Day Two

Strategic Deployment

· Learn how to define strategy

· Identify the 4 Key Elements of a Strategic Plan

· Learn the 5-Step Strategic Planning Process

· Create a Strategic-Initiative Action Plan

· Learn how to establish accountability

· Learn how to evaluate and reward performance


Day Three

Business Process Improvement

· What are Business Process?

· What is Business Process Improvement?

o Phase 1: Plan a Business Process Improvement

o Phase 2: Analyze eh Existing Business Process

o Phase 3: Redesign Business Process

o Phase 4: Acquire Needed Resources

o Phase 5: Implement Redesigned Business Process

o Phase 6: Continually Improve Business Process

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