Leadership, Motivation, and Accountability for High Performance Organizations (LEAD9020)

Leadership, Motivation and Accountability for High Performance Organization

Leadership, Motivation, and Accountability for High Performance Organizations


Great organizations need leaders who see their role differently than just being super technical staff. This highly interactive course will help staff cross the threshold toward becoming super leaders by understanding what makes a good leader, how to motivate others, and create an environment of accountability for high performance. This course will examine the traits, characteristics and styles of successful managers and leaders that can be learned and practiced, as well as why people in leadership positions often fail. We will explore ways to inspire and motivate staff through constructive coaching, growth opportunities and appreciation. This session also explores the communication tools, approaches, and techniques to inspire a new level of performance accountability, self-awareness, innovation and commitment through empowerment and ownership.

Who Should Attend?

High potential and aspiring staff, managers and current leaders at all levels who are stepping up to the next level of organization effectiveness in learning, refreshing, and practicing the art and science of leadership. This course focuses on leadership principles and techniques that apply universally to the dynamics of leading people and change in an innovative, accountable culture for high performance.




1.2 CEU

Class Type:

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and develop characteristics of leadership and leadership behavior
  • Avoid the behaviors and actions that cause leaders to fail in leadership roles
  • Set and articulate clear expectations through mission, vision, objectives and policies
  • Define Management functions and how they differ from leadership
  • Apply the right leadership style to fit the situation - learning to adjust
  • Measure performance for individual and organizational results and accountability
  • Delegate work and empower staff for growth and performance
  • Use the appropriate style and methods of motivating staff
  • Create a culture of innovation, trust and teamwork
  • Develop and grow staff competencies through coaching and feedback

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Course Outline

Day 1
- What Does Leadership Look Like
- Differences Between Management and Leadership
- Building, Communicating and Building Trust
- Crafting Your Foundation by Stating Objectives/Expectations
- Examining and Building Organizational Culture
- Change Management
- Building Powerful Relationships

Day 2
- Leadership Styles
- Encouraging Innovation and Creative Thinking
- Emotional Intelligence - Motivating Yourself and Others
- Effective Communications/The Power of Positive Language
- Coaching for Success.

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