Inferential Statistics for Data Analysis (PGMT9200)

Inferential Statistics for Data Analysis

Inferential Statistics for Data Analysis


Good decisions and recommendations are often the result of proper analysis. This intermediate statistics course builds on the material in the introductory statistics course by covering inferential statistical concepts for quantitative and categorical data. The emphasis on understanding is continued throughout this course. Examples, practice exercises and discussions are used to help participants understand and relate the concepts to practical scenarios.




1.2 CEU's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe statistical sampling and draw a random sample with an acceptable minimal sample size

  • Determine statistical significance and test hypotheses for means and proportions

  • Calculate the chi square value for frequency data

  • Compare two sample means and two sample proportions

  • Construct a scatter diagram and compute a correlation coefficient

  • Calculate a regression equation and use it to predict a dependent variable

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