Federal Human Resources Management (PMGT7011 & PERS1731)

Federal Human Resources Management

Federal Human Resources Management


Learn about the federal human resources management (HRM) process, the unique merit system environment within which it takes place, its special terminology, and the relationships between the following HRM functions: compensation, hiring, employee engagement, performance management, and human resources relations.

This course is part of the Certificates of Accomplishment in Human Resources Management.

Who Should Attend?

Current federal employees interested in federal HR management, including line supervisors and non-HR managers, various EEO professionals (counselors, specialists, program managers), HR practitioners (assistants and specialists), embedded HR liaisons (management analysts), HR interns, and administrative staff new to the federal service (budget analysts, administrative officers, etc.)

This course is not intended for those who have taken the course Federal Human Resources Management for Administrative Personnel (PMGT8007D).


$1,049.00 – OnDemand

$1,249.00 – Virtual and In-Person


1.8 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the principles upon which the federal human resources management (HRM) system is based and outline how they affect federal HRM decisions
  • Explore the compensation process, including classification, pay and benefits, and describe how equal pay for equal work is accomplished
  • Explain the hiring process and how it is implemented in the federal government
  • Explain how agencies can improve employee engagement to ensure a satisfied, productive workforce
  • Discuss performance management in the federal government, including employee development and performance appraisal processes
  • Describe Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), employee relations, and labor relations programs, including EEO complaint processing, agency administrative grievance systems, and union/management relations

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Module 1: Introduction to Federal Human Resources Principles

  • Guiding Principles for Federal HRM Systems

    • Public Service under the Spoils System

    • An Official Merit System

    • Components of the Merit System

    • Merit System Principles

    • Prohibited Personnel Practices

    • Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Federal HR Systems Legal Requirements for Federal HR Management

  • Federal HRM Program: Responsibilities and Oversight

    • Responsibility for Federal HRM Actions

    • Oversight Agencies

  • Strategic Human Resources Management


Module 2: Compensation

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work

    • Defining Equal Value

    • Federal Classification Processes

    • Alternative Classification Systems

  • Federal Pay Structure

    • General Schedule

    • Federal Wage System

    • Alternative Compensation Systems

  • Pay-Setting Rules

  • Compensation Flexibilities for Recruitment and Retention

    • Recruitment Options

    • Retention Options

  • Learning to Think Like an Economist


Module 3: Hiring

  • Fairness, Equity, and Earned Achievement

  • Overview of the Hiring Process

    • Initiate Recruitment Request

    • Identify Strategies for Filling Vacancies

    • Evaluate Candidate Qualifications

    • Make Hiring Decisions

    • Negotiate Salaries


Module 4: Employee Engagement

  • Introduction to Employee Engagement

  • Explaining Employee Engagement

  • Key Factors that Influence Employee Engagement


Module 5: Performance Management

  • Managing Employee Performance

  • Performance Management in the Federal Government

    • Planning Work and Setting Expectations

    • Monitoring Employee Performance

    • Developing Employee Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    • Rating Employee Performance

    • Following up on Employee Performance

  • Recognition


Module 6: Human Resources Relations

  • Managing Employees Efficiently and Effectively

  • Equal Employment Opportunity

    • EEO Complaint Process

  • Employee Relations

    • Employee Responsibilities and Conduct

    • Dispute Resolution

  • Discipline and Adverse Actions

    • Traditional Disciplinary Options

    • Dealing with Conduct Problems

  • Labor-Management Relations

    • Bargaining Unit

    • Rights of the Parties

    • Labor-Management Relations Issues

Module 1

  • Introduction to Federal Human Resources Principles

Module 2

  • Compensation

Module 3

  • Hiring

Module 4

  • Employee Engagement

Module 5

  • Performance Management

Module 6

  • Human Resources Relations


  • Conducting a Job Analysis

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