Federal Employee Relations (Intermediate) (LABR8110)

Federal Employee Relations (Intermediate)

Federal Employee Relations (Intermediate)


Formerly titled: Employee Relations for Practitioners

This course focuses on the practice of employee relations in the federal work place. It provides an in-depth understanding of the more complex aspects of federal employee relations that a federal employee relations practitioner needs to know when advising management and effectively dealing with employee issues and activities.

Who Should Attend?

Those who already have a basic understanding of federal employee relations and who are/will be working in the employee relations arena. This includes HR practitioners, employee relations specialists, union stewards, and others with a need to understand federal employee relations.

Participants in this course should have taken Basic Employee Relations (LABR7110) or have equivalent experience.




1.8 CEU's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview the laws, regulations, administrative bodies, and the federal court system governing employee relations in the federal government
  • Identify the methods of citations, resources, and methods for researching case law involving employee relations matters
  • Discuss the rights and responsibilities of the parties in employee relations matters
  • Describe the origins and procedures regarding the right to due process
  • Identify and apply the law, regulations, and procedures regarding probationary periods and termination during probation
  • Identify and apply the procedures and processes for taking disciplinary and adverse actions, including determining credibility in disciplinary situations
  • Identify and apply procedures and case law for dealing with leave issues, including dealing with excessive leave use
  • Define and apply the proper use of medical documentation in leave and accommodation issues
  • Define and apply the law and regulations regarding disability and reasonable accommodation
  • Describe the procedures for filing grievances, appeals, and EEO complaints

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Module 1

  • Basic Workplace Rights and Expectations

Module 2

  • Coverage Requirements for Disciplinary and Adverse Actions

Module 3

  • Approaches to Discipline and Adverse Action

Module 4

  • Common Problems in Discipline and Adverse Action

Module 5

  • Proving Disciplinary and Adverse Actions

Module 6

  • Taking Performance-Based Actions

Module 7

  • Leave Basics

Module 8

  • Medical Issues and Reasonable Accommodation

Module 9

  • Grievances, EEO Complaints, and Appeals

Module 10

  • Federal Sector Arbitration

Appendix A

  • Laws on Adverse Action and Unacceptable Performance Action

Appendix B

  • Adverse Action Regulations

Appendix C

  • Performance-Based Action Regulations

Appendix D

  • Adverse Action Reference Materials

Appendix E

  • Douglas Factors Checklist

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