Federal Appropriations Law for Auditors (AUDT7010)

Federal Appropriations Law for Auditors

Federal Appropriations Law for Auditors


Nothing is more basic to government auditing than the control and review of the authorized and proper use of appropriated funds for their intended purpose. Auditors have a responsibility, to be keenly aware of the propriety in the application and flow of funds, from the original sources, to their ultimate uses. This course, using the GAO’s Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (the “Red Book”), gives audit professionals that basic knowledge, highlighting particular areas as “Auditor Alerts” and red flags to potential Antideficiency violations. These include principles or helpful hints for areas and activities where auditors are most likely to find that financial management and operating personnel have run afoul of appropriations law rules. This course covers case studies along with deciding opinions.

Who Should Attend?

Recommended for auditors, evaluators, analysts and program and project managers who are responsible for internal control reviews, compliance assessments, financial reviews, performance audits and evaluations, contract and grant audits.




16.0 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the auditor’s role reviewing compliance with appropriation laws
  • Assess propriety of administrative decisions
  • Assess internal controls relating to proper use of funds
  • Apply Comptroller General Decisions
  • Detect Antideficiency violations
  • Test the legal obligations and payment of funds

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Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Legal Framework

Module 3: Availability of Appropriations — Purpose

Module 4: "Under Construction"

Module 5: Availability of Appropriations — Time

Module 6: Availability of Appropriations — Amount

Module 7: Obligation of Appropriations

Module 8: Continuing Resolutions

Module 9: Liability and Relief of Accountable Officers

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