Ethical Decision Making for Auditors (AUDT9030)

Ethical Decision Making for Auditors

Ethical Decision Making for Auditors


Are you faced with tough decisions about how to handle sensitive situations in your mission to uncover fraud, waste and abuse? Explore the ethical hazards and dilemmas facing auditors and review methods of analyzing and resolving them in this participative workshop. Come away with a skill set for dealing with the common, right vs. wrong hazards (temptations) and the more difficult right vs. right conflicts or dilemmas that auditors face. Also, learn ways to mitigate the risks, fortify the courage associated with carrying out ethical decisions, and review how to integrate effective ethics control systems into an organization.

Who Should Attend?

All auditors and decision makers, such as follow-up officers and action officials.




8.0 CPE's

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Anticipate and recognize ethical dilemmas as well as distinguish right vs. wrong temptations from the right vs. right ethical hazards and dilemmas that auditors face in their work
  • Select, describe, and use the appropriate ethical decision-making process from a survey of widely accepted models
  • Describe the causes of unethical behavior and methods of discouraging that behavior
  • Mitigate the internal and external inhibitors to carrying out decisions when there are potential risks involved
  • Help establish an ethics control system in organization

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Module 1: Introduction to Concepts

Module 2: Moral Values and the Causes of Unethical Behavior

Module 3: Critical Hazards that Auditors Face

Module 4: Analyzing and Framing Personal Examples

Module 5: Dilemma Resolution Using Traditional, Ethical Decision-Making Theories and Principles

Module 6: Methods to Mitigate Factors that Inhibit Carrying Out Ethical Decisions when Risks are Involved

Module 7: Post-Assessment and Summary

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