Department of Homeland Security PPBE System (BUDG8103)

Department of Homeland Security PPBE System

Department of Homeland Security PPBE System


This course provides students with an enhanced working knowledge of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) process to plan and program for its future activities, and then to develop, justify, and execute the Department’s portion of the United States Government’s budget. Through practical applications, the course introduces, explains, and demonstrates the PPBE System’s (1) framework fundamentals, (2) resource allocation management operations, (3) budget implementation and execution processes, and (4) progress monitoring and accountability through comprehensive reporting. Course learning outcomes and classroom activities focus on (1) setting strategic planning goals and priorities, (2) engaging in programming analyses to appropriately resource those priorities, (3) defining near-term budget requests in terms of programming decisions, (4) executing funding plans and operations.

This course is part of the Master Certificate in Federal Financial Management.

Who Should Attend?

Analysts, operators, program/project managers, and policy/acquisition/requirements management personnel engaging in, contributing to or affected by activities that inform and integrate key resource allocation functions and senior leadership decisions.




24 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the size and composition of the federal budget and how DHS fits within it
  • Explain and interpret the purpose and functions of each phase of the DHS PPBE System
  • Identify key decision-makers, decision-products, and supporting documentation generated within the DHS PPBE System
  • Describe the roles of the DHS organizational elements supporting decision-makers in the DHS PPBE System
  • Discuss the importance of the Congressional Action process and the Review, Report and Audit processes, and how each relates to the DHS PPBE System
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental elements of PPBE by applying key concepts at each stage of the PPBE System in a comprehensive exercise

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Course Outline:

  • Module 1 – Overview of the DHS PPBE System
  • Module 2 – Decisions and Documentation in the DHS PPBE System
  • Module 3 – Key Players in the DHS PPBE System
  • Module 4 – Planning
  • Module 5 – Programming
  • Module 6 – Budgeting
  • Module 7 – Congressional Action
  • Module 8 – Execution
  • Module 9 – Review, Report, and Audit

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