Creative and Critical Thinking for Auditors (AUDT8012)

Creative and Critical Thinking for Auditors

Creative and Critical Thinking for Auditors


Creative and Critical Thinking for Auditors explores why creative and critical thinking are essential tools of auditor providence that should be applied throughout all phases of the audit process. The class will discuss personal and organizational challenges to creative thinking and change, and ways to overcome the natural resistance to change for breakthrough ways of seeing root causes of problems and considering new possible solutions. This course will include brain training exercises and tools to get participants to think more abstractly to look beyond the obvious, to challenge the status quo, and to use process techniques for generating new ideas for action. This class will explore the power of “why” in looking for root causes of problems, and the power of the possible in considering new opportunities and threats for forward-thinking recommendations.

Who Should Attend?

Auditors who want to explore creative techniques to apply in the audit process.


$ 779.00


16.0 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe and discuss the basic concepts of creative thinking
  • Eliminate roadblocks and barriers to the use of creative thinking in auditing
  • Distinguish between creative and critical thinking and explain their complimentary roles in problem solving
  • Describe two key stages in applying creative and critical thinking to identify the causes and solutions to problems with performance
  • Use creative thinking principles and tools to boost your output of innovative ideas and identify the real causes of, and best solutions to, organizational problems
  • Apply critical thinking principles and tools to organize, evaluate and prioritize ideas generated by creative thinking

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Module 1. Creative Thinking - What is it and why is it Important?
- Challenging the Status Quo
- History and Elements of Innovation
- Brain Training – Making the Connections
- Overcoming Barriers to Change and Creative Solutions
Module 2. Creative and Critical Thinking for Problem Solving - What is a Problem – Discovering Why
- Critical Thinking – Components, Implications and Flawed Inferences
- Cases: What Problem are we Trying to Solve? Solutions?
Module 3. Applying Creative Thinking Tools -Exercises
- Idea Quota
- SWOT Analysis
- Brain Storming
Module 4. Applying Critical Thinking Tools
Module 5. Making the Critical Case for Creative Recommendations

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