Contracting Basics for CORs (ACQI7503)

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Contracting Basics for CORs


Federal managers have become increasingly aware of the importance of proper contract administration in ensuring the maximum return on their contract dollars. The contracting officer's representative (COR) plays a critical role in affecting the outcome of the contract administration process. This course provides the training required for FAC-COR Level I certification.




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Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the role of the COR, including limits on COR responsibility and authority
  • Monitor contractor performance and recommend corrective action for inadequate performance
  • Recommend changes and provide technical support to the contracting officer for contract modifications
  • Process contractor invoices
  • Perform contract closeout
  • Understand the standards of conduct and the ethics and integrity restrictions that apply to contracting personnel

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Day one of three

  • Course Welcome, Overview, and Introductions
  • Acquisition Overview
    • Laws and Regulations
    • Acquisition Process: The Contracting Line of Authority
    • The Role of the COR and Acquisition Personnel
    • Elements of a Contract
    • Pre-Solicitation Phase Overview (8-step process)
  • Statements of Work
    • Statements of Work Overview
    • Writing Work Breakdown Structures
    • Types of Contracts
  • Post Award Phase
    • Post-Award Phase Overview
    • COR Work Plan
    • Post Award Orientation
    • Contract Monitoring
    • Inspection and Acceptance

Day two of three

  • Post-Award Phase (continued)
    • Inspection and Acceptance (continued)
    • Methods of Payment
    • Processing Contractor Invoices
  • Contract Modifications
    • Types of Modifications
  • Contract Remedies
    • Types of Contracts

Day three of three

  • Contract Remedies (continued)
    • Contract Disputes
  • Contract Closeouts
    • Closeout Procedures (step-by-step)
  • Procurement Integrity and Standards of Ethical Conduct
    • Procurement Integrity and Standards of Conduct
    • Conflicts of Interest and Gratuities
  • Course Summary and Closing

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