Consulting Skills for Acquisition Professionals (ACQI8211)

Consulting Skills for Acquisition Professionals

Consulting Skills for Acquisition Professionals


This 3-day course gives acquisition professionals tried and true tools and techniques that, when effectively applied, will greatly enhance their performance. This course focuses on enhancing the partnership between contracting and program/project managers by giving them the ability to collaborate to define acquisition challenges and identify possible solutions. It provides guidance to improve market research results, develop sound requirements with meaningful performance measures, improve statement of work development, and draft appropriate evaluation criteria. Collaboration continues after contract award to ensure that the contractor is successfully meeting contract terms and satisfying the agency's mission objectives

While the course focuses on the acquisition environment, it is not a course about the technical aspects of contracting. Instead it adds consulting skills to the technical proficiencies that acquisition professionals have acquired through experience and technical training.


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24.0 CPE's 

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the roles and skills needed to perform as an internal consultant
  • Describe principles of planning, conducting and evaluating feedback meetings with program managers
  • Use consulting skills to work with program managers to obtain information, conduct market research, and develop clear and complete descriptions of need
  • Explain the causes of program manager/contracting officer resistance and effectively overcome it.
  • Identify strategies for contract administration and evaluating the acquisition

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Course Outline

  • Consulting Skills Overview
  • Entry, Engagement and Clarifying Needs
  • Obtaining Data and Conducting Market Research
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Describing Needs
  • Administering the Contract
  • Evaluating the Acquisition and Reflection

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