Basic Governmental Auditing (AUDT7001)

Basic Governmental Auditing

Basic Governmental Auditing


Our premier course for new performance auditors! Develop the personal and professional attributes you need to be successful in the government audit environment. Through lectures, discussions, and exercises, gain an understanding of the Government Auditing Standards, types of audits, the role of audit objectives, qualitative and quantitative audit evidence, the fundamentals of interviewing, risk and control assessment, the preparation of audit documentation, as well as audit findings, reports and their elements.

Who Should Attend?

Auditors new to government performance auditing. Many topics in this course are also covered in Conducting Performance Audits (AUDT7002A).




40 CPE's

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the requirements for and expectations of a government auditor
  • Describe the legal and regulatory standards that apply to government audits
  • Describe what occurs during each phase of an audit
  • Apply Government Auditing Standards when planning, conducting, and reporting the results of your audits
  • Identify appropriate evidence and prepare audit documentation that meets standards and contains all the necessary elements
  • Conduct interviews to collect important facts and opinions
  • Develop audit findings that address conditions, criteria and cause and effect that lead to recommendations.
  • Communicate and present audit findings to different audiences
  • Identify knowledge and skill areas in which you may wish to pursue future training and continued career development

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Module 1: The Auditing Profession and Standards

Module 2: Mandating Accountability and Performance

Module 3: Audit Findings

Module 4: Planning a Performance Audit

Module 5: Collecting Data (The Field Work Phase)

Module 6: Interviewing

Module 7: Communicating Results (The Reporting Phase)

Module 8: Developing Auditing Skills


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