Basic Contract Administration (ACQI7500)

Basic Contract Administration

Basic Contract Administration


You have just signed a contract, but the process does not end there. In fact, it is really just beginning. This course, which complies with the Contract Specialist (CS) Training Blueprint published by the Federal Acquisition Institute, provides guidance needed to ensure that the contract is managed correctly. You identify issues that require action by contracting personnel to ensure that the government receives what it pays for.

Who Should Attend?

Recommended for all with full-time contract management duties. Others may want to take Contracting Basics for CORs (ACQI7503D)


$ 1,099.00


24 CPE

Class Type:

This course is currently being offered in the following training modalities:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Plan the administration of a contract
  • Conduct a post-award orientation
  • Monitor a contractor's performance
  • Resolve problems that may arise
  • Apply remedies under the contract
  • Prepare contract modifications
  • Process a dispute, claim or termination
  • Authorize payments under a contract
  • Close out a completed contract

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Day 1
Class introduction
Administration: paperwork, CEU forms
Course objectives and overview
Lesson 1: The Legal Environment
Lesson 2: Standards of Conduct
Lesson 3: Contract Administration Planning


Contract administration planning exercise
Contract administration plan/outline
Recap of contract administration



Day 2
Lesson 4: Postaward orientation


Reviewing a contract file
Planning and conducting an orientation conference
Postaward orientation exercise and role-play
Recap of postaward orientation

Lesson 5: Performance Monitoring



Performance monitoring issues
Inspection and acceptance
Performance monitoring exercise
Recap of performance monitoring

Lesson 6: Identifying and Seeking Solutions to Contract Problems



Identifying symptoms and causes
Issuing stop-work orders
Dealing with delays
Stop-work order exercise



Day 3
Lesson 7: Contract Modifications and Options


Determining impact of changes
Determining type of modification
Exercising options
Contract modification exercise
Recap of contract modifications and options

Lesson 8: Contract Remedies



Invoking the correct type of remedy
Terminating the contract
Applying remedies exercise
Recap of contract remedies

Lesson 9: Contract Payments



Determining a proper invoice



Day 4
Lesson 9: Contract Payments (continued)


Recap of contract payments

Lesson 10: Financial Management of Cost-Reimbursement Contracts



Limitation of costs exercise

Lesson 11: Contract Closeout



Contract closeout exercise
Recap of contract closeout

Lesson 12: Disputes and Claims



Resolving disputes
Responding to a claim
Recap of disputes and claims



Day 5
Lesson 13: Consent to Subcontracts


Recap of consent to subcontracts

Lesson 14: Assignment of Claims



Recap of assignment of claims

Lesson 15: Property Administration



Steps in property administration
Recap of property administration

Wrap Up
Course evaluation and certificates

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