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Center for Health Sciences

No new students are being admitted into these programs.

Degree Programs     Certificate Programs
All programs have been approved by the D.C. Education Licensure Commission.

Our Approach
Careers in healthcare can be immensely rewarding, both personally and professionally! Programs offered by Health Sciences have been carefully selected and crafted for adult learners wanting to pursue or advance their careers in healthcare. 

The changing and demanding nature of healthcare requires professionals to demonstrate legal and ethical conduct, and apply knowledge to accurately perform duties. Our approach is to design comprehensive curriculums, emphasize industry standards, and focus on six critical areas to prepare students for today’s workplace environment and lifelong success.

Key Program Features

  1. Faculty advisors: Our advisors guide students through course selection and help them as they plan their educational careers.
  2. Real world experience: All programs include required practical experiences at a clinical site.
  3. Community Involvement: Students participate in professional societies and community service organizations.