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Below is a list of courses in alphabetic order by title. Click on any course title to see a description and a list of available sessions. Click on a session to register for the session. To sort the courses by Course #, Title, Training Type or Status/Delivery Method click on the button below.
TuitionClass Length
STAF8007D Adjudicating and Applying Veterans' Preference $5491 Day(s)Classroom-DayAvailable
STAF8607A Adjudicating and Applying Veterans' Preference $5454 Week(s)Distance Education Available
ADMB7000D Administrative Officers Workshop $9793 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
COMP8004E Adobe Acrobat: Intermediate $29512 Hour(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
COMP8003E Adobe InDesign: Intermediate $30512 Hour(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
COMP8002E Adobe Photoshop: Intermediate $20512 Hour(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
COMP7001E Adobe Photoshop: Introduction $30518 Hour(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
FINC9100D Advanced Appropriations Law $9493 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
ARAB9250E Advanced Arabic I $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
ARAB9251E Advanced Arabic II $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
ACQI9008D Advanced COR Workshop $12495 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
CHIN9252E Advanced Chinese III $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
FREN9250E Advanced French I $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
STAF9201D Advanced Personnel Security Adjudication $7993 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
CLAS9001D Advanced Position Classification $11994 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
RUSS9412E Advanced Russian I $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
RUSS9413E Advanced Russian II $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
RUSS9414E Advanced Russian III $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
SPAN9250E Advanced Spanish I $37510 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
STAF9101D Advanced Suitability Adjudication $7992 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
LABR7100D Adverse and Performance-Based Actions $11994 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
SIGN7000E American Sign Language (ASL) for Family & Friends: Introduction $3759 Week(s)Classroom-Evening/Weekend Available
AUDT7900G Analysis Techniques for Auditors $6992 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
PROP7210D Applications in Personal Property Accountability $10994 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
FINC9115D Appropriations Law for Reimbursements, Revolving Funds, and User Fees $7292 Day(s)Classroom-DayNew, Available
AUDT9015G Army Managers' Internal Control Administrators' Course $6492 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
COMM7001D Assertiveness Skills $6492 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
AUDT8021G Assessing Controls in Performance Audits $6992 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
AUDT8811G Assessing Financial-Related Activities and Controls $10494 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available
AUDT8043G Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data $6992 Day(s)Classroom-Day Available